We had our shingles and eaves troughs replaced by Try-Dale and it was a great experience.  We had 3 companies quote on the job, and of the three, we were most impressed with how much time Dale actually spent up on the roof, assessing its condition and determining exactly what was needed.  He also took plenty of time making sure we understood what his recommendations were, and advising us of the particular challenges our roof provided. (steep pitch, lots of peaks and valleys, etc.)
In the end it was clear to us that, even though he was not the lowest bidder, we were most confident in his abilities and awarded him the job knowing that if we were EVER to have a problem with anything we would be calling him – not a switchboard.
We thought his crews did excellent work on both the roof and the eaves, and they were also very thorough with the cleanup portion of the job.
All in all we were very happy with Try-Dale, and would recommend their services to anyone looking to get high quality work done to maintain or improve their biggest investment –their home.    Kelvin Berg
To Whom It May Concern:
My husband and I decided to have some work done to our home which included a possible roof extension. We had owned the house since 2000 and although we had done a lot in terms of renovations in 12 years, the possibility of a roof extension for a patio, and new shingles on the existing roof were one of the last items on our “To Do” list for various reasons.
One reason certainly was the cost factor, but the other was fear… fear of the unknown. Neighbors in our area had had their roof redone only to be extremely disappointed with the workmanship and the carelessness of the workers…and somehow that story stuck with me. The other serious consideration was the cleanup factor as we have three little dogs, one of which has only three legs. Careless clean up could be quite devastating for our little furry family, especially for our three legged dog.
An acquaintance of mine named Jim, served on a volunteer board that I was also involved with. He recommended we call Try-Dale for a consult and quote. At first this was just another name, just like the rest that we had heard of over the years, “because everyone knows someone who can do your roof… right? “   I still had many reservations, until Jim mentioned to me that he had a rental property and that the year prior he had to have the roof redone… he said he found out the hard way what happens when a roof job is done poorly… and during a storm had his tenants called him to invite him to the rental property to watch the rain fall inside from the ceiling. Panicked…he called a friend who in turn said call Try-Dale construction they will help you. That same evening Dale came out to see the situation first hand and went to work to help fix the problem that same night, during the storm!
I still had reservations but…based on the above story felt that if we were going to go ahead with the roof renovation, I wanted to do business with someone who I knew cared enough to come out in a storm to fix a problem… if there in fact was a problem! With that in mind we made the call. Dale came out to our home, shared his ideas and even drove us around the neighborhood pointing out various roofing materials and options. He actually came back twice at our request to answer questions and guide us through the decision making process. We hired him.
Three weeks later on one hot weekend the roof was done, and the job finished in just two days. The cleanup crew combed the grass for nails, even though all the old materials were thrown down on a tarp. They went over the area many, many times just to ensure the safety of our furry family. The workers were a pleasure to be around, and the experience was extremely positive, I was very happy!
As luck would have it, however just three hours after the entire clean up was finished a massive storm blew in, the winds were so powerful it ripped trees out by the roots on our street!!. I was sick with worry as the tar had not yet even dried in areas of our brand new roof! Later that evening Dale called us to check in and to follow up; I was relieved to receive his call.  Happily both the house roof and the garage roof were intact! We have not had any issues whatsoever, just compliments from our neighbors and enquires on who did our roof. I would absolutely recommend Try- Dale again and again. We have no plans on moving anytime soon, but if we did, and needed to have the roof redone …without hesitation this time I would call 204 955-3439.        Sincerely,   Mr. & Mrs. Page,  271 Wavell Avenue, Winnipeg, MB


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